Magic Mirror Protection Program

Maybe celebrity parents give their children bizarre first names to hide them from the Romper Room Stalker Lady. You would never hear, “I see Camera, and I see Apple, and I see Blanket.”  Those kids could get away with murder! Meanwhile, the rest of us had to wear clean pajamas and couldn’t pick our noses. She was watching.  Always watching… Continue reading Magic Mirror Protection Program

Meds With Friends

So it’s 107 degrees outside today.  Kind of incinerated my outdoor Saturday plans.  My internal AC isn’t working as well these days either. I figured there must be something good on television.  Oh look!  A movie about a girl who moves to Manhattan to chase her dream job.  Don’t mind if I do! Rats, it’s got commercials.  And because it’s some new-fangled “streaming” thing, I … Continue reading Meds With Friends